Sunday, January 07, 2007

A bigger audience for "Negotiating Cultures"

Last year I came up with this thing that I called "negotiating cultures," which is supposed to be a "new" orientation to the notion of culture in the ESL classroom and TESOL in general, emphasizing individuality and students' affiliations with multiple cultures on multiple levels. It's actually pretty run-of-the-mill sociocultural theory and your basic "things are more complicated than we used to think" thing, but I'm pretty happy with the paper. And now this news....

Dear Joel:

Thank you for re-submitting your proposal! We are pleased to inform you that your revised proposal has been approved and accepted for the 2007 Graduate Student Forum at the 41st Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit. Your participation in this conference will enrich your education and allow you the opportunity to network with your fellow graduate students and other professionals in the TESL/TEFL field.

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