Friday, May 04, 2007


Penultimate draft of thesis turned in to readers, tipping the scales at 88 pgs including references and appendices. Still not 100% there, but not so bad, considering.

Development of Writing Abilities project (Rockwrite) finished.

Chinese finished.

Paper I'm working on today, "Problems of Definition and Evaluation in Popular Music" = worrisome. 15 pgs of notes but nothing emerging. Talked to prof and feel like I'm off track. If there is one paper I'm going to be totally BSing, it's this one. Maybe I should be concerned about my grade. I'm not sure. The topic of the class is totally out of my sphere of understanding. More on this later.

Walter Ong -- presentation went very well. Paper is underdeveloped at 11 pages, but I'm not too worried about it.

6. More. Days.

Then I am turning off my academic brain for a few months and am just going to write record reviews and huge, sprawling thinkpieces that go all over the place. And ride my bike a lot.

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monsterpants said...

ah, progress.

you know what's kee-razy??

i just realized earlier today that i've NEVER read a record review. like, i've read a few sentences of thoughts you've had about records before, but never a full review, by you or anyone else.


ps- i just started a new blog called virtual stink that you might want to check out.