Sunday, April 06, 2008


I've really been neglecting not only this blog, but the things that are supposed to be feeding it: reading academically, reflecting on my own teaching, and figuring out the PhD-or-Not question. As such, I have very little to say, except to lay out some tentative plans, like:

a. Tentative plan to interview Suresh Canagarajah for the Other Journal's education issue.

b. Yesterday, I read "Mixers lyricing in Hinglish " by Y. Kachru, which was an inspiration in terms of studying pop music from a World Englishes perspective. (Also heard a Chinese pop song, which after a quick Googling seems to be "你的甜蜜," on the radio, which included a repetition of the English phrase "Sorry doesn't mean anything.")

c. Today I bought volume three in the Collected Works of MAK Halliday, (Language and Linguistics) which I was surprised to find at my local Xinhua Bookstore! They actually have a pretty good selection of scholarly stuff in English.

d. I want to put together a proposal for this conference, something on American rock critics' perceptions of Lonely China Day (and/or other bands as relevant). I'd also really love to get a job at the university hosting the conference.

More soon, with any luck...


jgore said...

Hi. I found your blog on a google search and you seem to be doing some interesting work. I'm in a Lit MA program and am taking a linguistics course and want to do some work comparing the semantics at work in "commercial" pop with those in "indie/alt/college" scene. I have some rough hypotheses and a few ideas for methodology, but was wondering if you have any experience in these sorts of studies. Don't feel obligated to reply and keep up the good work.

10:10 PM

Joel said...

Yeah, let's talk! I am really just getting started with this stuff myself, but it'd be great to share some ideas.

My email address can be found on my other blog,, on the sidebar's "email me" link.