Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking ahead

Next week: finish preparing for presentation about the state of China English research
in 2 weeks: design questionnaire for my SSLW presentation (just accepted! 1st week of Nov at Arizona State)
July & August: read some books and write reviews (mentioned earlier); follow-up interviews for SSLW project
September: Start classes! So far signed up for doctoral seminar, theory & research in ESL, theory & research in second language writing, and interviews in education research (may need to drop that one).
Notes to self:
* You still have to file a bunch of paperwork in order to legally live in Canada.
* 2 conferences a year is p l e n t y. Try to rotate between SSLW, AAAL, TESOL, and IAWE. (Although tentatively, I'd like to go to AILIA 2011 if possible.)
* 1 book review a year is probably enough, too.
* It would be nice to not do much next summer. Isn't that the whole point of working in education?