Thursday, January 07, 2010

Conferences 2010 and beyond

TESOL (March 21-27) - Doctoral Forum poster session accepted, professional development scholarship awarded (free registration for conference and pre-conference institutes), but flying to Boston is not cheap. Not sure I'll attend and have to make up my mind by Jan 21. ACCEPTED! (BUT GOT SICK AND MISSED MY PRESENTATION.)

EMP Pop Conference (April 15 - 18) - submitted abstract in Dec, will hear back in Jan. I have been rejected by these guys 3 or 4 times and would really, really like to make it this year. REJECTED! AS ALWAYS!

BC TEAL (April 30 - May 1) - Got a cool idea for a worshop on world Englishes and professional development which I'm sure would be accepted, but not sure I'd have time to do it. Still, it's after spring courses end, so maybe I should go for it....ACCEPETED!

IAWE (July 25-27). I'm on the committee (it's in Vancouver), and am scheming a paper with a classmate. Deadline FEB 28. ACCEPTED!

AILA 2011 (in Beijing, August 2011) - Brainstorming China English stuff - was thinking about trying to do a panel but not sure it's possible. Deadline Feb 28 (Actually Feb 27 in USA). ACCEPTED!