Thursday, January 21, 2010

Notes on Fulbright to China

2-3 years of studying Mandarin at the college level required!

Host institutions for Education
Anhui Normal
Beijing Normal
Huazhong Normal (Wuhan)
Nanjing Normal
NE Normal (Changchun)
SWU (Chongqing)
NW Normal (Lanzhou)
Sichuan Normal (Chengdu)

Hosts for Linguistics (maybe not suitable for my project)
B Lg & Culture U

Years of Chinese lg study required to be considered for Critical Lg Enhancement Award: 2

The equivalent of one year of college-level language study includes but is not limited to:
a summer of intensive language study,
two semesters of study (audited or for credit)
or a year of private tutoring.
A typical academic year is 9 months (36 weeks). A typical language course is 3-5 hours per week or 108-180 hours per academic year of language instruction.

Applicants may not count use of Rosetta Stone, conversational “language exchange” or web-based/distance learning classes as part of their one year of study. Study outside of the above mentioned categories will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Super in-depth fine print on the CLEA: