Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chinese Books wish list (books hard to get outside of China) Updated 2013

1. OUYANG HUHUA, Remaking of Face and Community of Practice: An Ethnography 
of Local and Expatriate Teachers’ Reform Stories in Today’s China. Beijing: Beijing 
University Press, 2004. ISBN 7–3010–7729–7

2. Any books by Ge Chuangui except for his dictionary.
(I already have The Writing of English)

(see here for some info

3. Zhangxian Pan (2005). Linguistic and Cultural Identities in Chinese
Varieties of English. Beijing: Peking University Press. 280 pp. 
ISBN 7-301-10261-5. 

4.  Contrastive Discourse in Chinese and English 

5. Review of Applied Linguistics in China Volume 1 only中国应用语言学评论(Vol.1 Vol.1)


I am also interested in these, but they are a low priority:

 Zhang Haidi - Beautiful English
张海迪 - 美林的英语

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