Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Planner

Notes from meeting with advisor.

1. Do final stage of data collection (Canadian participants)
2. Establish coding system (involve second coder; she suggests doing a kind of 'work-swap' with another grad student, wherein we work on each other's projects) for AJT data.
3. Transcribe and begin coding interview data. (Note: may not need to be transcribed per se -- can work with audio files in NVivo. Will eventually need to transcribe relevant bits, at least.)

Goal: be ready by the end of the term (April) to meet w committee about what direction I plan to go with data analysis. (This means having all of the above done, basically. Which is a very tall order, really. It would be nice to do a committee meeting before the baby is born, though. I guess mid-April is a good goal to put something together.)

Writing projects:
1. Rejected "English for real use" paper: abandon for now. It was really just a haphazard thing I did on a whim and time would be better used focusing on dissertation.

2. Methodology comp as a journal article: submit to World Englishes ASAP. The hope is to get some good feedback on it (never really thought about this, but yeah). If it gets a revise and resubmit, perhaps add in some data analysis from what I'll be working on (above). Needs: continue to trim parts and revise. Not sure how long the MS can be. For some reason can't find it on their website. Goal: submit this by the end of January.

3. English Today special issue: really want to do something good for this. She says I need data. Deadline is March 30. Limit is 4,000 words, though they also accept 1500 word short pieces. Thinking of framing it as a 'post-variety' sociolx approach?


Not planning to attend or present at any this year, with the exception of a submission to the CSLD conference held at UBC in mid-May. No word on that yet. 

For 2013, it would be nice to try for SSLW (in China, date TBA) and possibly TESOL/AAAL, despite their being in Texas. ACLA (the big Canadian applied linguistics conference) will be in Victoria in Spring 2013, so that is a goal, too.

Again stressed that I shouldn't work too much. I think I can find a balance this year. I taught 3 classes (4 sections) in 2010 -- too much. I taught zero classes in 2011 -- not enough. So far this year I am doing 2 sections of one class at Rits and I'm doing a copyediting project (that I really need to get moving on) for another professor. Beyond this I should probably only do one course this summer (either LLED 301, LLED 489, or Sociolx at TWU) and maybe one in the fall. There needs to be a period where I'm only doing data analysis. In fact, it might be best not to teach in the fall, and to teach next spring or summer instead.

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Gabriel said...

Hi Joel~I found your interesting blog through google - it is really nice to have a forum to share/exchange ideas about China English/research etc. I am sorry I was not able to present in Beijing but look forwards if we can work in the future. I will keep an eye on your blog. :-) - Gabriel (Fan Fang)