Monday, April 22, 2013

Notes to Self - coding scheme, lexis vs grammar

Thought: I've got 700+ lines that are coded with "word choice" (usually with something explaining that in more detail, like "verb form," or "preposition," or "?" when I'm not sure).

I've been explicit about making this study focused on lexis and grammar, so it's not at all surprising that "word choice" is a huge category. I wouldn't be surprised to find that "unusual phrase" is another huge category. (I'm sure it is, just don't know how many exactly.)

Last meeting with supervisor had some discussion about breaking it down into lexis and grammar. Seems logical, though I'm sure lexis will be more than grammar.

What about the "meaning" categories? Eg, "this doesn't make sense" (though that is usually lexical or grammatical at heart). Prob should have semantics as a part of lexis? What about stuff that actually refers to discourse features?

Is "wrong preposition" a lexical issue or a grammatical issue?

Pretty sure "verb form" is grammar, not lexis.

People will describe their rejections in term of "word choice" but that doesn't mean it is strictly a 'lexical' problem.

Still need to think about this a lot. More coming soon.

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