Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tentative list of China English researchers

List of people currently or recently (within the last 10 years) doing research (presenting/publishing) on China English, with links when applicable. Can't list everyone here, but trying to list those who have published in major int'l journals, major Chinese journals, or who have written prolifically in other places (and/or done MAs or PhDs on the subject)...


( x = contacted for leads on AILA idea, o = not planning to contact for that)
Jiang Yajun (Donghua University - in Shanghai) where is this? X
Fan Fang (Shantou University) X
Xiaoye You (Penn State) X
Xu Zhichang (HKIED) O
David C.S. Li (HKIED) X
He Deyuan (CUHK - I think) X
Xiangping Du (University of Hertfordshire? not totally sure)
Mingjun Lu (University of Toronto? Not sure where she is now. Not focussed on ELT, more interested in philosophy) O
Hu Xiaoqiong (Three Gorges University)
Jin Huikang (only publishes in Chinese - he's at a university in Guangzhou, I forget which)
Olliver Lutz Radtke (Heidlberg - author of photobook "Chinglish") X