Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CP pro and con

...just off the top of my head...


recognize inequality and try to make it better
recognize "real life" outside the classroom
treat students like human beings
encourage students to question (unjust) behaviors and practices in society
emphasize agency in learning, transforming, and using knowledge


assumes a certain political views untenable to most people
hegemony of hegemony (sort of), pessimism
students tend not to want teachers to talk about political issues
theory is distant from practice to a high degree

PS: According to Google no one has ever typed the phrase"I don't believe in hegemony" on the internet. Until now. I'm not saying I know enough about it, but it does seem to be at the heart of CP, and that heart could be the part I find unsatisfying. This book by a Canadian philosopher posits "affinity" as a construct for social change instead. Not totally sure what it is but I think I kind of get it.