Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grad School Applications continued

All materials have been sent to UW, Purdue, and Penn State. (And UBC, as mentioned before.)
Arizona State AppLx is done but for one transcript.
Arizona State Rhetoric/Lx has not been submitted yet, but all that remains is writing a statement of teaching philosophy for the TAship application.


Someone asked me what would be my top choice, all things being equal. It's hard to say. Any one of these schools would be great. The best programs for the most part are in places where I don't necessarily want to live...

International Dialects of English Archive

Designed for actors who need to train themselves on how to do different accents, this site is useful to researchers interested
in international varities of English. Unfortunately the authentic data comes after the paragraph which is read by each
interviewee. If you skip ahead in the recordings, though, you can hear interviews with English speakers from nearly every corner of the planet.
A pretty cool thing.

International Dialects of English Archive