Monday, June 22, 2015

My job market scorecard, Spring/Summer 2015

When we last checked in about the job market, I'd applied for 11 jobs and had 2 first-round interviews. All of those jobs ended up being no-gos. (One was cancelled, and another was reposted, so I'm considering that a new app for this round, since I applied again.)

Those applications were all turned in September-November of last year. Below are the ones (9 in total, 4 of which I interviewed for) that I sent in March-April of this year. Note that most are non-tenure track -- 7/9 of them, in fact.

In general the application process for these positions moved a lot faster, whether that's because they were desperately trying to fill the TT positions in time (and possibly had an internal candidate, in at least one case, and blazed through the whole thing as quickly as possible), or because for the non-TT jobs the departments don't have time or resources to woo fancy candidates and are often working with a pool of people they already know.

In the end, with both seasons taken into account (the "regular" TT season and the random non-TTs and late postings), I ended the year having applied for 20 jobs, getting 6 interviews (2 TT, 4 NTT), and, finally, one job*, which I'm a little concerned I'm jinxing by mentioning it since it's not signed, sealed, and delivered yet, but which I expect to start on September 1.

Rejection after interview

Large Canadian university (teaching writing) (NTT, 1-2 years)
Large Canadian university (EAP) (NTT) [verbal rejection (chair was a friend); fewer hires than anticipated]

Rejection email without interview

Christian SLAC, northwest (ESL) (1-yr VAP)
Christian SLAC, northwest (rhet/comp) (TT, reposted job that I interviewed for last time)
Christian SLAC, midwest (admin/comp) (NTT)

Didn't hear back/presumed rejected

Small Canadian university (rhet/comp) (NTT, 1 year)
Catholic university, midwest (L2 writing) (TT)

Withdrew my application
Large Canadian university (teaching L1/L2 writing) (NTT)

Offer made and accepted

Mid-size Canadian university (teaching beginning writing/education) (NTT)*

(*See a future post about this position, coming soon)