Monday, March 20, 2017

The next few years of conferences on my radar

This was a crazy conference year -- CCCC, AAAL, TESOL, CASDW/Congress -- too much. Not even done yet -- I'm just starting the season and I'm spending all my PD money. I need to pace myself a little, and I think I can.

so, assuming 2017 is basically over for me conference-wise, here's what's on my radar:

2018:  Congress (CASDW) in Regina for a couple of days end of May - giving a closing plenary.  Also, I'm co-hosting SSLW Aug 2-4.

2019: Congress (CASDW/ACLA-CAAL) at UBC first week of June = no-brainer. For sure. Not much else on the radar at the moment.

2020: AAAL and TESOL are in Denver, which is where my in-laws live. Pretty sure I'd go.

2021: CCCC is in Spokane, where my parents live. Pretty sure. I'll go unless they've moved by then, and probably would still go!
[UPDATE: submitted, but there's STILL CURRENTLY A PANDEMIC so who knows?]

2022: aiming to go on study leave for this year -- where? what? dunno yet.
[UPDATE: Mainly depends on the PANDEMIC!]

Not sure where SSLW/IAWE are but if they are in cool places I might try to hit each one up 1x in the next 4 years too. So far IAWE hasn't been close enough for me to want to try to go since 2010 when it was in Vancouver!
[Update: Never went to IAWE; have been pretty regularly going to SSLW. It, like everything else, was cancelled in 2020.]