Thursday, April 02, 2009

PhD - the Decision

The Final Scorecard
Purdue - with TAship ($12k stipend for 50% time teaching job)
UBC - with fellowship ($16k CAD stipend for 4 years)
Arizona State Applied Linguistics - with TAship ($12k stipend for 50% time teaching job)

Not Accepted:
University of Washington English
Penn State Applied Linguistics

Withdrew my application from waitlist:
Arizona State Rhetoric and Linguistics


This was by no means an easy decision, but I am delighted to say that Sarah and I will be moving to the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where I will be studying and working with a small, dedicated group of people in a field I love.

I am planning to start a new website over the summer which will eliminate the need for various blogs and stuff that I currently have going, so look for that later. In the meantime, let's all do good work in the places God has seen fit to scatter us around this planet.