Friday, October 06, 2017

Love and education (to be continued for a long time probably)

The 1989 Statement of Education Policy Order sets out the vision of an “educated citizen” who will “think clearly and critically” and “adapt to change.” “The broad aim of the public school system should be to foster the growth and development of every individual, to the end that they will become and be a self-reliant, self-disciplined, participating member with a sense of social and environmental responsibility within a democratic, pluralistic society.”

BC Teachers' Federation Members Guide, AGM resolution, 1994.

"What we to rethink our educational self-image and subordinate the critical moment to a pedagogy that encourages the risks of love’s desire." 

R.R. Reno

Listen: "To know the world we have to love it." (Wendell Berry) If I can? When I'm able? Should the circumstances allow? If I have the time? The permission? The funding? The right school? The right kids? No. Love is not an outcome of the right circumstances but a cause of right circumstance.

David Jardine