Sunday, March 28, 2010

Upcoming papers

Just turning a corner from 2 weeks of being sick and 5 days of being really, really sick. On track to do 3 papers in the next 3 weeks. Yeeks!

Paper #1 is going to be something about foreign teachers in China, but I also want to tie it to the idea of development. I guess I could see it going one of two ways:
A) Role of FTs in the discourse of "English for development/modernization"
B) FTs in China: new models (look at 3 things: Nottingham, Shantou, & Amity -- one prob is that Snow has already - ably - covered Amity quite well.) DUE APR 12

Not sure how both could be combined, but if it's possible, I'd like to do it that way. I could situate the whole thing within the idea of "the purpose of English" and then talk about which of the 4 models ("regular" plus the 3 others) comes closest to facilitating this purpose. Could be more like "the purpose of FTs in China: 4 models" - maybe that'd work.

Paper #2 has to do with a rationale for studying written forms of world Englishes -- esp. China English, of course. Why study writing (since a lot of stuff has focused on speaking); where to look for this writing (media, online, education, academic publishing, etc?); what actually makes it "authentic" CE (problematic, since the definition is loose/not agreed-upon), things like that. There's a lot out there for this but my ideas are still kind of amorphous. DUE APR 20

Paper #3 is on research methods but I'm unsure what exactly it'll be about. Need to figure it out pretty quick, though. Something about L2 writing would be good. DUE APR 16