Monday, February 21, 2011

Kingsley Bolton

As I look through the relevant literature on World Englishes and related subjects (e.g., English as a Lingua France, English as a global language, etc), one author whose work and perspective I really appreciate is Dr Kingsley Bolton (not to be confused with Kingsley Shacklebolt), who is currently at City University of Hong Kong. He has a knack for looking at the field historically and explaining the various streams and trends of scholarship that make it up -- especially worthwhile are two chapters he wrote for the Handbook of World Englishes: "World Englishes Today" and "Varieties of World Englishes" clarify a lot of questions I've had.

Bolton recently left a co-editorship at English Today to take a similar position at World Englishes. To learn a little more about him, including an interesting story about his desire to study Hong Kong English and the way some people though (and think, surely) it's not worth doing, read "A Note about Kingsley Bolton" and "A Note from Kingsley Bolton" in the new issue of WE. (You'll probably need to have access to a university library to access them.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Halliday 1978 - Language study and other fields

This makes a lot of sense!

Is there anything missing from this? Are there other fields that need to be considered now, 30 years later? (e.g. cultural studies)

I feel like I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of "language as behavior."

Friday, February 04, 2011

Wanted: A Braj Kachru Bibliography

As the "father" of World Englishes, Braj Kachru has authored a staggering assortment of books and articles on the subject since the 1960s. Unfortunately, to my knowledge no one has ever assembled a complete bibliography of these works.

I'm pretty keen on the idea of comprehensive bibliographies on any scholar, and I appreciate those scholars who make their CVs available online so I don't have to run all over the place seeking their publications. Google Scholar is suitable in many cases, but Kachru is so prolific that I give up easily.

I asked Suzanne Hilgendorf, who studied with Kachru, if she could suggest anything. She suggested the following as the most essential resources (in reverse chronological order, I believe) for assembling a bibliography:

  • The Handbook of World Englishes
    Braj B. Kachru, Yamuna Kachru, Cecil Nelson
  • World Englishes in Asian Contexts
    Yamuna Kachru, Cecil L. Nelson
  • World Englishes: critical concepts in linguistics, Volume 3
    Kingsley Bolton, Braj B. Kachru
  • The Other Tongue
    Braj B. Kachru
  • The Alchemy of English
    Braj B. Kachru