Thursday, November 09, 2017

Notes toward a plenary talk

Incredibly, I am giving a closing plenary talk at CASDW 2018 in Regina. I'm not sure how this happened but here are my ideas for titles. Will probably go with the third one for maximum sexiness*.

Who teaches writers? Mutilingual students and the disciplinary division of labor revisited

Who will teach writing? Mutilingual students, writing, ESL, and the disciplinary division of labor revisited

“They Literally Can’t Write a Sentence”: Ideologies of writing, multilingual university students, and disciplinary divisions of labor

Disciplinary Division of Labor Revisited: L2 writing and composition across the (Canadian) university

In a nutshell, I’ve been interested in looking at who is tasked with teaching “writing/ language/ communication” to an increasingly multilingual student body in Canada/North America, and how disciplinary divisions and ideologies contribute to how writing/language/communication instruction is conceived of and carried out at the institutional level and whether there is hope for rapprochement between, say, composition/writing studies, applied linguistics/TESL, and other general areas/approaches.

*I overuse the term "sexy title," but it really captures what I mean for it to mean -- a sexy title in academia is one that provokes people into being interested using something they already feel strongly about, often a current theoretical approach or topic of interest in the field, or in this case, a common experience many have likely had of hearing a colleague say something.